Address from our Chairman:

At Conga Foods, 2014 was year of launching new innovations as part of our classic brands as well as launching new brands. In a market environment where consumers are increasingly looking for authenticity without giving up on value, Conga is leading our market. Our products and services are designed not just to meet our customers’ needs, but to provide new opportunities for customers to serve their consumers. As our family continues to grow hand-in-hand with our customers, we owe gratitude for continuing to partner and collaborate with us.

The Valmorbida family history is one about entrepreneurship and passion. Migrants under difficult circumstances to a land then largely unknown, our story echoes that of so many other families and cultures that have helped and continue to help shape history in countries like Australia. It is curiosity and adventure that made our family successful in its journey and ultimately as leaders in the food and beverage industry; therefore we are more focused than ever on retaining that sense of pioneering and bringing new adventures back home.

When we began in 1950 with our tiny store named “Frank Agostino”, it was to share our Italian culture with Australians via our passion for food.

Today, two important things have evolved: firstly, we are now an Australian family with an Italian heritage; and secondly, the modern consumer is much more sophisticated and knowledgeable, so the demand for quality and uniqueness is higher than ever, while value is increasingly important.

We are immensely proud of our heritage, yet our passion is now focused on inspiring our community to share in a culture founded on a love of food and life. We travel the world looking for all types of exciting products, not as Italians, nor as Australians, but as “Explorers”.

In 2015, we are proud to bring many new innovative ingredients and food products to Australia. Squeaky Gate, launched late in 2014, is our exciting new Australian venture, bringing the best of Australian olive oil from the many farm gates around our country to your local shop. We are also proud to represent Ducale Coffee with their new retail range of edgy “dc” brand coffee. Cheese also continues to be an ever expanding portfolio; in particular a wonderful new range of Spanish cheese.
In addition to new projects, we are hard at work developing our existing brands, for example a new range of delicious Spanish Val Verde Simmer & Serve Sauces, innovation from Numi Organic Tea and not-to-be-missed is the revitalised Sole Mare brand to reflect the leap into sustainable Pole & Line fishing. There is more to come, but we just can’t tell you yet!

At Conga Foods, we pride ourselves on delivering our selection of flavoursome high quality products to all channels of the Australian market. We are also proud to be committed to a Quality Management System that is certified to HACCP/WQA & SQF standards. Most important is our continued commitment to improving our offering to our extended family of customers, both in product and service.

Our message to you in 2015: Eat Life Up!


  • Conga Foods enters into Australian olive oil market

    After years of pioneering the imported olive oil market with Moro Olive Oil, we have launched our very first Australian Olive Oil brand- Squeaky Gate. Squeaky Gate is made with 100% Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil from family owned olive growers. The name reflects Australian character- in manner, attitude and behaviour and with a relaxed attitude to life.

    A bit about Squeaky Gate…. Australian Olive Oil is marvellous stuff. With so many passionate producers we decided to follow the olive harvest from grower to grower – squeaky gate to squeaky gate. That’s how we bring you the pick of the crop. We’re for good food, good friends and good times, like pitching-in to make a great meal together. Everyone doing their bit: from chopping veggies and tossing salads to firing up the barbie – always keeping the fun and laughter flowing. We take simple, honest pleasure in good food that hasn’t been mucked about with. Honest, real, and down-to-earth.That’s the character you find in a squeaky gate and that’s what you get with this olive oil.

  • Sole Mare makes the transition to Pole & Line sustainable fishing

    As a leading brand of Yellowfin Tuna we have a large role to play in ensuring that sustainable fishery is created. At Sole Mare we are committed to ensuring that all of our Yellowfin Tuna is caught using methods and management practices that ensure sustainable fish stocks for today and tomorrow. We are also applying the same standards and practices to how we source all of our raw materials in a sustainable and ethical manner. We are committed to taking measured, responsible steps that ensure all stakeholders in the fishery are able to experience positive change on the road to a sustainable fishery for today and tomorrow.

    Rolling through 2015 we will eliminate any use of drift net fishing all of our Yellowfin will be caught using the traditional pole and line method. .

  • Conga Foods supports Feed Melbourne Appeal by participating in Shout Lunch Day.

    As part of Conga Foods’ support of FareShare, we recently got involved in an appeal called “Shout Lunch Day” as part of the Feed Melbourne campaign, an annual fundraising appeal supported by the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation. It’s designed to raise awareness about hunger and malnutrition in Victoria, and every dollar raised helps individuals and families who are struggling with food insecurity.

    Our staff donations were matched by Conga Foods, which is then matched by the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation. Our support will help 370,000 Victorians struggling to afford three meals a day.

    Conga staff also have the opportunity of participating in volunteer sessions at FareShare, and Conga donates damaged goods to FareShare to use in their meals.